Hello! We’re Fingertips, a pop rock band from Portugal, and we will be in L.A for the next two weeks.
Here you can find out a little more about us, check out our schedule and share our daily adventures… Come with us to where the dreams come true!
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First day in the stars’ land, we are so excited!!! The view from our apartment, in Hollywood Boulevard, is so amazing and guess what? There’re two free stars right in front of it! Maybe they are waiting for us.
Now, since we’re still with jetlag, we are going to walk by the neighbourhood and find some new inspirations. Maybe find some superstars…


Hello sunshines!! The weather here in Los Angeles is great, today we woke up with the sun shining through the window.. and there’s nothing better to start with before a showcase day!
Today we had the first presentation to the music industry people. It was really nice to meet them and show them our songs! We hope they like us too!


If you are in L.A it’s a must to run next to the beach! We can assure you, it’s a great way to refresh you ideas.
Today we had a day of presentations to various brands. It’s awesome when you’re playing to an audience who is so receptive and warm.
In the end of the day, we went to Starbucks where, of course, they misspelled someone’s name. This time it happens to be Joana.


Today we had another round of private showcases, this time we did a mix of music industry, with media and brands. People, here, in the USA are really nice, they treat you like family!
This is a dream coming true, being in L.A, playing for those people… We can’t wait to present our songs, for the first time, to an audience!


It’s been almost a week since we arrived and we didn’t even get noticed the time passing by. There’s so much going on that we don’t even have time to think.
Today we continued with the private showcases and this last one is with the media. They are very busy people, but after the shows we still had time to an incredible chit-chat.





Since it’s sunday and we’re in the USA, we had a day off today. We had some more time to spend and appreciate the the city. And you know what? It’s like being in a movie! Los Angeles is full of colors, lights, it’s so alive… This is absolutely an arts’ city, between music, cinema and theater!
Houses are beautiful and there’s no fences surrounding them. There are palmtrees everywhere and of course we had to put our feet in the sand.
The summer vibes took us, in the end of the day, to a sunny terrace where we had a cocktail.

DAY 10

The last showcases and we’re already missing this! After our last presentations we had a snack at Burger King, one of the most famous restaurants in USA!
We feel so blessed for having an opportunity like this.
Tomorrow is our departure to Toronto, another adventure is coming up.
Stay tuned.